Saturday, June 4

Koko Black, Melbourne

137 Lygon Street, Carlton. T. +613 9349 2775

I admit, I am a chocolate snob. And very particular about the type, form and pedigree of the chocolate I imbibe. So I staked out Koko Black for almost a week, randomly perusing its menu, casting eye over the different varieties on offer and secretly testing the staff as they conversed with customers. Tentatively bought a small 4-piece box first, and when that slid down easily, condescended to spend an afternoon at the cafe. Started off with a beautiful hot chocolate, from the pretty cocoa patterns on the foam to the thick warm strength of the chocolate itself. This was followed by the warm chocolate cake, well above average but for a purist like me, commercialized by the raspberry sorbet accompaniment. And then, the show-stealer, the chocolate beignets with chocolate sauce and a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. Heaven. I didn't even question the white chocolate decor stick. As the endorphines worked their magic, we noticed the folk at the next table asking the waitress to bring them whatever we had. And of course, we also had a second serving. I was won over. This is a definite must-try.