Wednesday, September 13

Adam Road Soto

Adam Road Food Centre

I used to eat this practically everyday. Malay style chicken soup with either longtong rice (steamed rice cakes), or beehoon (thin rice noodles), topped with shredded chicken and a piece of begedil (fried potato patty). It was very addictive especially with a dash of the spicy dark sauce. The soup base deludes one into thinking that it is healthy but the layer of oil that tops the rich broth suggests otherwise. Regardless, its a delicious meal anytime of the day. The Adam Road version is actually one of the tastiest that I have had.

Golden Pillow 933

195 East Coast Road
T. 6323 9133

Friends have been raving about this amazing curry in a giant bun dish that is delivered piping hot to your home. I finally got to try it when my parents served it at dinner one day. What a surprise when we finally took it out of the box. The curry in the bun (that looked more like a giant loaf) was actually wrapped in a paper to prevent it soaking through the bread. Also the curry was but average. We had the mutton curry version that I found too rich, while the meat was simply tough.

über Burger

9 Raffles Blvd
#01-06 Millenia Walk
T. 6837 0280

I finally made my way back here (so many dining places so little time) to try the other items on the menu. Today we went for the hotdog – that was firm and tasty and the chicken burger with the ever so divine chocolate milkshakes. This is a winner for a burger joint.

Village (Formerly Marche)

Basement of Hereen

I held my breath in anticipation, fearful they will not have what I had come to Marche for. But it ended well. In spite of the change in management, the menu remains pretty much the same. And that includes my favourite crepe with bananas. Divine.

Warung Nasir

69 Killiney Road
T. 67346228

I have heard many good things about this nasi padang place – a traditional Indonesian stall that serves a variety of dishes but in a modern coffeeshop setting, complete with the jazz tunes in the background. You select from a wide variety: fish curry, chicken curry, sambal goreng (fried lentils, top pix), ikan bakar (grilled fish), sayuh lodeh (vegetable curry), beef rendang (dry beef curry), etc. And the food was good. The simple lunch for two was S$26 (US$15).

Hong Heng Beef Noodles

Coffeeshop at 233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Street 22

I was in the mood for beef noodles and my nose led me here. It’s tasty alright. Lovely thick gravy, nice chewy beef slices, and a generous dose of chopped salted vegetables. But the noodles just doesn’t work for me. Instead of the nice slippery rice noodles like that of Hock Lam's, what came with this version was of the “rougher, harder” variety. It has a nice stock though and also a great chilli dip on the side. Not surprising, it has quite a following judging by the long lines at this stall.

Café de Amigo

277 Orchard Road
# 02-38
Specialists Shopping Center
T. 6835 0238

This is a quaint little home grown restaurant that specialises in oysters, salmon and escargot. We had the escargot in choix pastry, lamb shank, lamb chops – all featuring home-cooked flavours. I also tried the soufflé which came served on a plate and not a casserole. And the very tasty apple tart!

Situated alongside it is also a very impressive cellar with an extensive selection of wine from all over.

I would call ahead before heading to the restaurant as it is moving soon to a new location at Funan Centre.

Tuesday, September 12

Kim Gary Beyond, Kuala Lumpur

Avenue K T.03-2171 1681

I was told to come try this Hong Kong café for its instant noodles and peanut butter toast … Not quite sure if I agree with the recommendation though. It’s a far cry from the ones that is served in similar type cafes in Singapore. I plan to stick to these better tasting options in future.

Saturday, September 9

Olio Dome, Kuala Lumpur


This seems to be holding up strong in KL though its presence in Singapore seems to be shrinking. We had a rather delicious breakfast here of hot cakes and egg benedict. Yums.

Alexis, Kuala Lumpur

29 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar T. 03-2284 2880

My all time favourite at Alexis is the binoffee – this coffee caramel-ly sweet banana cream pie that I can never have enough of. But my luck with this favourite dessert has been terrible of late - the last three visits to Alexis have yielded no pie – they sell out quick. We had the tiramisu instead which was rather nice. Alexis serves a spongy version, with chunky nuts on the outside and a rasberry sauce on the side.

Assam Laksa, Kuala Lumpur

Bangsar Night Market

This is a must-have whenever I am in Malaysia. Somehow assam laksa (a spicy and sour noodle soup dish) always tastes a tad different here. The soup is sweeter from the fish in the stock, the noodles springy and chewy, the added fresh mint and cucumber garnish brings this entire dish together marvelously, regardless of where it’s served. This evening, I had it at a makeshift stall set up in the Bangsar night market. Delicious.

Dewi’s, Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

This non-descript corner in Bangsar has quite the drawing power. A favourite with the Bangsar residents and visitors alike – the casual coffeeship serves an extensive selection of Malaysia-style Indian food, from nasi goreng (fried rice) and roti canai (fried Indian bread), to tandoori (oven baked meats) and briyani. One of my favs is the Maggie goreng (fried instant noodles). We tried the muratabak, a roti (fried bread) stuffed with minced lamb; when eaten with the curry gravy, was rather divine.