Saturday, April 28

Chilli Chutney, Joburg

I found an interesting array of "jams" and bottled veges at the Woolies foodmarket. The chilli jams and chutneys were pretty much like a sweet chilli sauce while the pickled chillies and peppers were great for jazzing up any dish.

Gemma, Joburg

143 Queen Street, Kensington
T. 622 9716

This was a home run restaurant frequented by the Italians in the city. Not surprising, it dishes up home cooked meals like spaghetti and meatball, and roasts with polenta. We also had the grilled Portobello mushrooms which were excellent.

Espresso, Joburg


This street that the restaurant was located was just the busiest when we arrived. People were spilling onto the streets. And there were loads of restaurants. We went to the first place that could offer us a table. We tried some of the meats and as always I had the fried livers, smothered in some orangey sauce that I mopped up with bread.

Primi Piatti, Joburg

Primi Piatti

This is apparently the place were the younger folks like to chill out at. It serves an variety of pizzas and pastas and is great to people watch or just past the afternoon at.

The dish came with an interesting condiment plate comprising of parmesan, garlic oil and a chilli oil.

I rounded up the meal with a roobois tea, a herbal tea that is very common in South Africa but is getting popular for its antioxidant properties.

Chinatown Restaurant, Joburg

I figured we would end up here at some point during my week in the city – Chinese food that evidently was more Northern Chinese in origin. Boiled dumplings, fried noodles that were a tad too salty, and a mixed vegetable dish. We could well have been in Beijing.

Mangoes, Joburg

I just had to have this. The fruits were in season and they looked so enticing. I was right. They were an amazing red and orange on the outside, very juicy, and extremely sweet. A plus point, they were way affordable too at S$1 / US$0.60 each!

Gramadoelas Restaurant, Joburg

Gramadoelas Restaurant
Market Theatre

In my quest for local food, I was led to Gramaodelas. They recommended that we try the sampler plate. What I had was all things familiar: satay, rendang (dry beef curry), et al. And if few unusual ones like the vegetable stew an a tempeh (femanted soy bean) "cake". I was told that owing to the confluence of cultures in the city, there was also the Malay and Indian ethnic groups that brought along spices and dishes very similar to the ones in Singapore.

44 Stanley, Joburg

This is an warehouse that is now refurbished with funky shops and restaurants. We had the burger this hot afternoon. The food here in Joburg is rather international - American, Italian, Greek, Chinese... If you don't look hard enough, its hard to tell that you are in South Africa. Which leads me to the question if there is dish here that is particular to the city.

Lapa Flo, Joburg

Lapa Flo
143 Barry Hertzong Ave, Emmenratia
T. 286 2651

This place is known to serve the best pizzas in town, and it does. Available with a regular or a chilli base (I am beginning to get the impression that the folks in Joburg love their chillies), the crust is super duper thin and comes with just about all toppings (we had the anchovies, avocado and sausage). And of course, it came with a nice and potent chilli dip on the side.

Wednesday, April 25

Portuguese Sausage in Joburg

Due to the large Portuguese population in Joburg, the city gets a fair share of Portuguese food including the sausages. To be eaten grilled, baked, or fried, this sausage packs in quite a spicy punch. This reminds me of a spicy lap cheong (Chinese waxed sausage).

La Concorde, Joburg

Located along an avenue of trees, this is one gorgeous spot to have brunch at. We had the regular breakfast plate of eggs and sausages accompanied by a tall frothy cup of latte.

Adega Restaurant, Joburg

Adega is a chain of restaurants in the city that is famed for their seafood, notably their prawns. We ordered the grilled version that was served on this huge tray along with a tomato flavoured rice. I can still taste the burnt bits. Yums. My favourite part of it is this killer chilli dip that goes well with everything. In fact, it tastes a little like the sambal belachan (chili shrimp sauce) that is served at seafood restaurants in Singapore.

We also tried the fried livers that were done just right, cooked on the outside but tender in the middle and their grilled calarmari.

And inspite of all that food, we still found room for the sugar crepes which were simply delish.

Sausages at the Market, Joburg

They may look like worms but these are just one of a variety of sausages available at the markets. The locals just love their meat. And no wonder. They are good owing to the quality and the variety of meat available here. They also have the smoked and cured variety, some of which taste a little like the Chinese waxed sausages, lap cheong. You can add them to your dishes or just eat them as it is with some bread.