Wednesday, July 4

Garuda, Brussels

Sainte-Catherine, Brussels

So here's something different for a change: Indonesian food in Brussels. Service left a lot to be desired, that's for sure, but the food overall was really not bad. Not entirely typical (in my experience at least) ref. salmon satay and vegetable soup that really tasted like rojak soup but that didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves. My favourites were the salmon satay and the sweet and sour fish, but we also had vegetarian fried rice, seafood noodles, tofu and beansprouts and monkfish wrapped in banana leaf. It was good to have Asian food actually. I think we all were relieved not to have had the typical moule-frites.

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Bodegon Alejandro, San Sebastian

I keep shaking my head at the memory of this meal. If I were Martin Berasategui, head chef and proprietor of Bodegon Alejandro, and one of the most highly regarded chefs in the region, I would seriously keep closer tabs on the kitchen. I felt embarrased on his behalf to have been given an apple-filled crepe so thick, tough and burnt besides. Where was the quality control?? It completely destroyed my dining experience, not just because I like my dessert but because it was the last part of my meal and instead of ending it with a flourish it just caused it to turn turtle. To be fair, the bacalao con pil-pil (salted cod fish with a special salsa, a typical dish in the region) was very tasty and was nicely fried, crisp on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. And the starter of squid-ink pasta with seafood was good enough too. Not outstanding, I have to admit, but sure, of a reasonable standard. But alas, with dessert so bad, you can bet your bottom dollar I won't be going back.

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