Sunday, March 9

Beach Road Food Centre

Beach Road Food Centre
505 Beach Road

I returned shortly after, following the wafts of the fragrant claypot rice that I had spotted on my last visit here. I am quite a claypot rice fanatic and am always on the lookout for the next better interpretation of the dish.

The smokey smells was just too enticing. The stall at the Food Centre, on the ground floor, offered a pretty good rendition. With chunks of chicken and salted fish and great value for money, this is one place that I will keep in mind when craving strikes when I am in the city.

Beach Road Food Centre

Beach Road Food Centre
505 Beach Road

Our next dining adventure saw us in Beach Road, led by the tempations of this stall on the second floor, run by a Belgium chap, serving waffles and fruit with chocolate (Belgium no less) dip. The chocolate was delicious alright, but the doughy waffles were far from ideal. I preferred mine with dip.

Just further up from this place was a fried kway teow (stir fried flat rice noodle) stall that claimed that they used no lard in their cooking. That to me was sacriledge especially with this iconic Singaporean dish. Amazingly, it didnt taste like it was in want of the fat. However, what was clearly missing was the lap cheong (waxed meats) which gives the dish an added dimension.

While we were at it, we also tried the soto (Malay style chicken soup) on the ground floor and some satay. All yums.

Wine Garage

Wine Garage
30 Merchant Road #01-07
T. 6533 3188

We wrapped the evening up with a stop for sweets at Wine Garage, just up the street from Central Mall.

The menu at the Garage is always yummy, especially with their small plates selection that goes great with wine.

This evening however, I had a chance to savour their desserts. We had a special selection of roasted spiced almond and the molten choclate cake. But what really intrigued me was the milk pudding. It had the consistency of almond pudding but only silker and more way lighter, topped with a dollop of nutella and fresh cherry sauce. The combination was simply exquisite and left was wanting more.

Central TomTon

Central TomTon
#03-88 Central Mall, Eu Tong Sen Street
T. 6327 7887

Next on the Central "menu" was this shabu shabu place (Japanese hot pot). We were enticed by its promise of black pork, a Japanese specialty that is made even better by the accompanying citrus dip.

The dish was very average. It paled in comparison to the same dish I had in Tokyo. The servings were tiny. The dip bland, and the price - very much more than in Japan. It was disappointing.

When dining in Singapore, my preferred shabu shabu spot would still be Ohsumi.

Marutama Ramen

Marutama Ramen
#03-90 Central Mall
Eu Tong Sen Street

I was thrilled to bits that my foodie pal was in town, at least for a few days, to put more eating places to the test and we decided that Central Mall was it for that evening. Touted as the new "Little Tokyo" its filled with many little Japanese spots including this ramen place.

We ordered the special, the aka-ramen which was served with a seven nuts soup base and meat balls. Quite yums. What I like specially is the noodles. Its hand made by the shop and does not come with the starchy strands that is common in most ramen places. I could eat it all without feeling stuffed midway.

Prices were affordable also - most noodles averaged S$12/US$8, and you can add on other ingredients to the bowl.

Fabbrica Restaurant and Wine Bar

Fabbrica Restaurant and Wine Bar
18B Dempsey Road
T. 6479 7808

I was so hungry I forgot to capture images of the main course. But the dessert was as good as the pasta. I had the panna cotta and the molten chocolate cake. Both were fab.

Not surprising, the restaurant is homed by an Italian chef and his wife. The fact that its set among the beautiful green surrounding of the Dempsey area, makes it all the more attractive.

Toast Box

Branches islandwide
Though available all day long, this is one of my favourite breakfast sets on the weekend. Half boiled eggs with thick toast slathered in creamy peanut butter sauce, and cup of traditional coffee shop style tea. What better way to start the weekend!

Z’en Japanese Cuisine

Z’en Japanese Cuisine
#01-75 UE Square
T. 6732 3110

I came by lured by the large Japanese crowd at this restaurant and also from bumping in a Japanese chef friend here. And my hunch was right - we ordered a set to share. The variety was fabulous - from seared tuna, and sashimi, to roast duck and daikon salad. Every dish was a pleaser. Well worth visiting again to try the other items on the menu.

Hong Kong Café

Hong Kong Café Marina Square Ground Floor

I tried this only because the combination was just too bizzare to not try - instant noodles with egg and pork floss. I confirmed my suspicion. It was just too strange. Works with pineapple fried rice, with bread, but with noodles...

Tong Po Siew Kun, Hong Kong

Tong Po Siew Kun
Across from North Point MTR

This is a really interesting find. A walk through a deserted wet market to the third floor unearthed this lot of eating places that was so packed to the brim you just had to see it for yourself.

We were recommended to try the roast chicken here, which was tender as can be, covered with a layer of crisp fried garlic. We also had the garlic crab, which was very fragrant. We had the roe cooked with egg which yielded yet another dish.
In our greediness, we also ordered the peppery intestine soup which was served in a bucket like dish. In that cool weather, it tasted exqusite. The selection here is just mind boggling.

Krispy Kreme, Hong Kong

I wanted to find out what the big deal is with this brand of dounts with so many people taking boxes of these round confectionary home with them whenever they travel to a location with a Krispy Kreme.
I ordered my usual - jelly filled donut - and find it no different from the Dunkin Donuts I used to hanker after every now and then in Boston.

Verdict (I am almost sure that I am going to get jeers for this)- its a nice donut but no different from any of the other good ones out there so long as its eaten fresh.

Lan Fong Yuen, Hong Kong

Lan Fong Yuen
G/F Gage Street, Central (near the escalator)
T. 2545 3895

I had a morning to try more items from this popular corner cafe. I ordered the instant noodles with ham, and served in a home made soup. One of the best I have had so far in Hong Kong.

Lucky Dessert, Hong Kong

Lucky Dessert
G/F, 532 Jaffe Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

I have found dessert heaven in Hong Kong. Lucky Dessert now is now one of two (or three) on my "must-go to" dessert places in the city. My favourites there is the mango sago dessert - chunks of fresh mango dressed in fresh mango sauce and topped with fresh pomelo, and the most divine of muay chi - a rice cake stuffed with more fresh mangoes. Its absolutely to die for. They have durian versions of these desserts, but I cant quite comment since I am no durian fan.

Sunday, March 2

La Lucciolo, Bali

La Lucciolo
Jln Oberoi, Seminyak

This must be my favourite Italian restuarant. They serve the most amazing food - from salads to pastas, dessert to drinks. And the fact that its set in this simple but gorgeous place right on the beach makes it even more fabulous.

My favourite starter here is the zucchini flower stuffed with pumpkin puree, dipped in a tempura batter and fried. Delish. The pastas here area also amazing delicate in its flavours.

On another occasion I tried the corn fritter pancakes for brunch and that was just as good.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the delicious granitas here.

What can I say, I adore this place!

Kafe Warisan, Bali

Kafe Warisan
Jalan Raya Kerobokan
38, Kerobokan
T. 62-361 731175

This is touted to be one of the best French dining spots in Bali. I went down one evening with high expectations. There was a nice vibe to the place with outdoor dining set in an old building.

I ordered the French onion soup and the baked goat cheese tart, both of which I felt was alright - its good food, but it was just lacking that "x" factor. I am not sure if its because I stuck only to the appetisers but there was not much in that meal that would entice me to come back to try more.

Trattoria, Bali


Jln Laksama, Seminyak

Another favourite of mine in Bali is this simple Italian restuarants that serves up yummy pastas at very affordable prices. For dinner, I had a calamari salad with rocket, and pasta.

The highlight though was the dessert of mascapone cheese and nutella - simple but hits just the right sweet spot.

One thing I noticed though, the place has grown since I first discovered it years ago and the food, though still good, is not as great as when I first ate here. It still offers great value and a very nice buzz.

Made's Warung, Bali

Made's Warung

Seminyak & Kuta

I had my first Bali meal on arrival at the all time favourite Made's Warung. I always come here for my regular does of nasi goreng (fried rice), that came with a delicious satay (grilled meat on skewers) with peanut sauce and a glass of the superbly divine fresh ginger tea.

My other favourites here is the soto. A spicy chicken soup that is laden with bean sprouts, vermicelli and chicken. And the ikan pepes a spicy steamed fish dish that goes extremely well with rice and the simple bean stir fry that comes with it.

Nasi Kandar Perlita, Kuala Lumpur

Nasi Kandar Perlita
134 Jln Ampang
T. 02-2162 5532

Nice find - nasi padang (a selection of dishes with rice) with an extensive selection. Be prepared to brave the crowds though. Its a popular one with the locals.

go2bloom, Los Angeles

5544 W Pico Blvd

T. 323 934 6900

Gorgeous organic breakfast of addicitive pancakes with fruit and an absolutely delicious omelette.

Gonapachi, Los Angeles

134 N. La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
T. 310-659-8887

It was a new addition to La Cienega and we wanted to see if we can add it to our list of to eat places here. And I am pleased to say - we can. Interesting spot to stop by when shopping in town. Good quality Japanese dishes (we tried the tofu, duck soba and some yakitori dishes), set in a quiet environment. Nice break from the madness of the malls.